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Used Audi Buying Guide for Shoppers in Saskatoon


Audi Inventory

Buy Like New, Gently Used Audi Saskatoon!


In market to purchase a car? The new car pricing makes it hard for you to drive a luxury brand? The new car pricing in Canada rises every year.

Buying a used Audi is a smart decision, just because you get more car for your money.

Audi is a luxury premium car maker. They are well known for the interior and highest quality of products they use from the wood ornaments to leather in the interior.

The Quattro is one of the best engineered all-wheel drive (AWD) system. Not many are aware, however, Audi was the pioneer and almost invented the all-wheel drive for passenger cars.

Needless to say the Quattro system makes Audi preferred vehicle for the hard winter we get in Saskatchewan.



Here are top six advantages of buying a pre-owned Audi:

Lower Depreciation

Yes, compared to a new Audi that depreciates 50% over the period of four years, a used Audi depreciates less then the new car would in the same amount of years.

Mechanical Repair & Independent Shops

We all know how the experience is like when we service a vehicle at the large dealership. We always do the pre purchase inspection for you at Carget and our local independent mechanic are capable and have experience in repairing the Audis.

Advanced Safety Features

The fact is the premium safety features that you find in economy brands are first introduced in the premium brands. Just compare the safety features that a 2009 Audi A3 comes with and compare it with any Ford, you will find that Audi is equipped with night vision, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and roll over protection, whereas the Ford may not.

Comfort First

Same as Safety equipment, luxury car maker are generally the first to launch the premium features. Even a four years old luxury car will have high end premium features that will outshine a new economy car.

Long Lasting

Audi has reputation of being a reliable car. As per study conducted in 2015 the average age of a car on the road was 11 years and by the year 2020 it is expected to rise by another 15%. Audi is a leader in the reliability space.

The Best Used Audi Models To Buy

Saskatoon Used Audi A3


The stylish body with sports car performance and high safety features makes this five seat sedan or hatchback a power value.

The A3 comes in three body styles – sedan, convertible and hatchbacks. All are five seater.

The engine delivers 200 – 250 horsepower and the fuel economy sits at respectable.

You may want to check if the used Audi for sale is front wheel or all-wheel drive as there is a mix inventory available.


Used Audi Q3

The entry class Audi Q3 puts you in a premium luxury SUV/crossover.

2016 and onwards you get a refreshed Q3which has mild modifications and offer front & rear parking sensors as standard in all packages.

When you test drive the Q3 you will like the sporty handling and rich looking interior.

Used Audi A5

A5 comes in a coupe and convertible body style. It is step above comparable in its class as it features high quality materials.


If you are considering to buy a used Audi A5 you will enjoy powerful acceleration especially if the trim level is S5.


The road handling is above class!

Used Audi Q5


One of the best luxury SUV you can purchase pre owned.

Great safety features and 4WD drive-train makes it a very reasonable choice for Saskatoon’s harsh weather.

The horsepower 220+ & total luxurious interior will ensure you are well ahead of any generic brand.

Used Audi A7

A7 comes in the hatchback body style which makes this a very practical vehicle.

Most used Audi A7 are equipped with LED highlights equipped with 3.0 Litre V6 engine delivering 333 hp. If you gets your hands on the twin-turbocharged (S7) 4.0 litre V8 you get a whopping 450 hp.

A7 is an all round value package that offer style, comfort, premium safety features, solid built interior & exterior, performance and over all handling.

Used Audi Q7

The Q7 is SUV body style with 333 or more hp, 4WD drivetrain and has seating capacity of 7 passengers.

You must test drive to feel the power, experience the luxury and the space this luxury high end Audi has to offer.


Used Audi TT – Used Audi S5 – Used Audi r8

6 Key Points For Buying A Used Audi


When you buy a used Audi, it is very much like buying any other used car where you have to make some careful considerations.

The six tips below will help you avoid making a bad decision and get you in the right used Audi that you will enjoy driving more so than repairing.

· Maintenance History

Especially is you are buying a used Audi from a private seller, the risk is higher.

Make sure you ask for the maintenance and repair history and receipts.

· Vehicle History

You really don’t want to invest an Audi that has a poor history or has had major accidents.

Carget highly recommend you run a CarFax report. CarFax will tell you all about the history of the vehicle and how many accidents have been claimed.

If the preowned Audi you are buying is a Saskatchewan registered, you can also check the Damage Histroy for Free on the SGI Website.

Click Here To Check Damage History on the SGI website.

· Compare Prices

In the Prairies we do not mind driving 2 – 3 hours for a nice deal on a car that we really like. Most of the price search you can do online and find out what the running rate for the specific model of Audi you are looking for.

· Test Drive

Don’t make this common mistake of just around the block. Take it out on a true spin on a highway and speed test. Test the brakes and all the buttons inside the car.

· Inspection

Prior to making the final decision on the used Audi take it to a mechanic like, Carget, that has experience with Audi.

Get the vehicle inspection done from a auto repair shop or mechanic who understands and has experience with Audi.

· Check For Recalls

Here is a quick link where you can find out if any recalls on the used Audi you are interested in buying.

Audi Recalls By Vin

General search for recalls on any Make, click here.

At Carget Automotive we sell vehicles that we can drive personally. We take care of them.
You Get a Fully Inspected, Cleaned & Detailed Vehicle delivered!
The advantage we have is that we do not have over head like big dealerships neither do we have anything to hide like private seller.
Come on down at Carget Automotive in Saskatoon to check out & test drive your Audi!
Stay tuned with all our inventory updates by follow us on Instagram.

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