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Saskatoon Auto Repair

Saskatoon Auto Repair


Saskatoon Auto Repair: Where to Go to Get Your Luxury Wheels Fixed
You've got a gorgeous luxury car sitting in your garage in Saskatoon.
The only problem is, it's in need of repair.
Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what to look for in a Saskatoon auto repair shop that specializes in fixing luxury vehicles?
You could find the right spot, get your car fixed, and get it back on the road where it belongs!
Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of things you should be looking for in a luxury repair shop, as well as tips on how to best care for your luxury car.
You'll have the info you need to find the right place in Saskatoon to bring your car to. Keep reading for more info!

Luxury Cars Require Different Care
Luxury cars are built differently, so they need to be repaired differently. There are many customizations and specific parts in luxury cars that mean you can't take them to just any auto shop.
Often luxury cars have parts that were made just for that model! This means those parts are not usually on the shelf of the local auto parts store.
It also means that the shop you bring it to will likely need to order those parts, and they will probably cost more than a more common part. But, you probably already knew that. You bought a luxury car, after all!
You might ask why you should go to an authorized service center. Well, since they specialize in locating, installing, and fixing parts from luxury vehicles, they are more likely to get the job done quickly and right.
They also are more likely to have the diagnostic equipment and cutting edge tools needed to repair luxury cars.

Preventative Care and Maintenance
Like any car, luxury cars will last longer and need repair less frequently if you make sure to keep a level of care for them long before they develop issues.
Especially, keeping the weather conditions in mind here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Fortunately, this type of preventative care is pretty similar to anything you'd do with a standard car.
You'll need to get your oil changed regularly and get your fluids replaced. You'll also need to do things like getting your brakes checked, and your tires rotated.
Mechanics at luxury auto repair shops will also look for less common issues like leaking seal and seized wheel bearings.
Keep up the preventative care, and you'll be stuck in park far less often.

Your Initial Search 
As you may have noticed from driving around, there are certain Saskatoon auto repair shops that specialize in certain luxury brands. If you see one, or find it from searching online, that shop might be a great place to look into.
But keep in mind that there are some Saskatoon auto repair shops that are fully capable of repairing a variety of luxury brands, but don't have them all plastered on their signs.
So you might need to dig a little deeper.
Another method is to get recommendations from people you know. Have any friend or family who also own luxury vehicles? Chances are good they'll know a place nearby that they trust.

Important Things to Consider
Once you find a repair shop in Saskatoon, you want to make sure the technician or mechanic working on your car has the proper certification.
Specifically, they need to be certified by a recognized institution. This is a vital step as Saskatchewan province do not require mechanics to be certified, however you need to make sure that your SUV, truck or sedan car is worked on by someone with automotive repair certification.
There are also brand-specific certifications that technicians can pass. This is where they have been tested by the manufacturers individually to prove they are an expert at working on specific brands and models.
These types of certifications are important because it shows that the technician working on your car has not only passed general automotive tests, but is qualified to work on your specific make and model.
And in order to get certified, they need at least two years of experience, so you know you aren't handing off your car to someone on their first day!
You should also look into what kind of warranties they offer.
These will generally vary from business to business, but you should be looking to get a one year warranty on their work as a minimum offer. If they offer a longer warranty, even better.
Location is another important factor, as you will need to commute at least once or twice to the shop. So finding a luxury repair shop near you is a bonus.
You also want to shop around a little, so you can compare different auto repair shops. Though, depending on your location, there may not be an abundance of them.

What Kind of Shops To Look At
It can be tempting to go to a local garage that maybe you have gone to in the past for you non-luxury cars. After all, they did a good work for you before. But the reality is, many luxury cars have aspects to them that require special training.
With a luxury auto shop, mechanics have been given specific training by the manufacturer of your luxury car.
Certified repair shops also have spent a lot of time and money to ensure that their technicians are fully qualified and trained on assorted brands of luxury cars.
So it makes sense that if they have made that kind of investment (in both time and money) to ensure quality, they are going to make sure the quality of service is passed on to the customer. They can't afford to to shoddy work on your car!
It can also be tempting to just go to a dealership, since they might specialize in selling your brand of luxury car.
But it's likely that the dealership will charge you a lot more than if you were to bring it to a specialized luxury auto repair shop. So it's probably not worth the extra charge for the same service.

The Automotive Brands We Love To Repair:

Bring in your used Audi, your pre-owned BMW, or even your good old Mercedes Benz for repair and we will be glad to get your vehicle inspected and get you a quote.
No we are not saying that we do not service other models such as Honda, Toyota or Mazda.
We service all makes and models!

Saskatoon Auto Repair
We hope these tips will get your more comfortable finding the best match for your luxury car repair needs.
For people in the Saskatoon area, we hope you'll come take a look at our shop for all your luxury car repair needs. We are the best Saskatoon auto repair provider!
If you have questions about luxury repair, or want to come chat about your car's needs, please contact us today!

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