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Most Popular Used Cars in Saskatoon

Most Popular Used Cars in Saskatoon

Discerning drivers know that buying used cars can get you a huge amount of vehicles for your money, and this is especially true for the luxury market. At Carget Automotive we stock a huge range of high-end SUVs, sedans, and coupes, all offering a great blend of upscale features and affordable pricing.


Here are just five of the most popular used cars available at our Saskatoon showroom.


1) Acura RDX


The Acura blend of performance and luxury is shown off in style with the RDX compact SUV. With a 272-horsepower engine, a smooth ten-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive, the RDX handles like a dream for both city and highway driving. And the upscale feel extends into the interior, with advanced infotainment technology sitting inside a cabin built purely from high-end materials for a truly luxurious drive.


2) Audi A4


The Audi A4 is a fastback sedan that packs plenty of power under the hood to go along with its elegant interior. With a turbo engine pushing out close to 250 horsepower, passed to all-wheel drive through a silky automatic transmission, the A4 can be driven hard without a hint of complaint.


The Audi A4 also has the stylish looks to back up its high performance. Long, low, and wide with a streamlined profile full of curves, the A4 is sure to turn plenty of heads wherever you drive it.


3) BMW 3 Series


Switching to the compact executive format, the BMW 3 Series has won countless awards over its long and prestigious history. The powerful engine options and super-agile handling set the standards other compact luxury cars need to follow, and the sporty performance is perfectly complemented by the spacious upscale interior.


4) Mercedes-Benz C-Class


The C-Class is the best-selling vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz, and once you've experienced its rare combination of style, power, and comfort it's not hard to understand why. Even at the lower end of the range, the C-Class is a lively drive with plenty of punch for acceleration, while the higher-end sports performance models reach new levels for the compact luxury sector. And all the power is backed up by a truly luxurious interior, with both technology and comfort rising far above the competition.


5) Ford Mustang


Lastly, the Ford Mustang is a true icon of the North American auto market and is fabulously affordable when bought pre-owned. From its elongated hood through the sweeping roof to the aggressive rear, the Mustang defines the whole class of muscular pony cars.


And its beauty is far from skin deep, with a range of high-output engines driving the model as hard on the racetrack as on the highway, The Mustang is also unbeatable when it comes to sheer personality. Test out a model from any Mustang year, and you'll remember just how much fun driving a high-end car can be.


Find Unbeatable Luxury Used Cars in Saskatoon


Experience the Carget Automotive combination of luxury and affordability with a visit to our showroom in Saskatoon. If you're looking for a high-end used SUV, sedan, or coupe available at an unbeatable price, we have you covered.

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